Leadership and Experience

Kevin Christian, JD

Managing Partner and Co-Founder

Kevin has over 20 years of leadership experience working in both boom and bust markets with talented teams to achieve dynamic goals. Kevin co-founded Contender Energy Partners and serves as the Managing Partner for Contender and its associated mineral and royalty fund called Contender Permian II, LP.

Kevin is responsible for Contender’s capital, acquisition, asset management, and divestiture strategies with key focus on strategic industry relationships. Kevin led the firm through the 2020 industry collapse, preserving investor capital and executing significant acquisition and divestiture transactions that were accretive to investors. As the market has shifted over the life of the fund, Kevin has pivoted portfolio management priorities to remain aligned with the fund’s financial objectives and investment priorities. The fund continues to hold and manage mineral and royalty assets in the greater Permian Basin, with the majority of its current holdings located in the Delaware Basin.

In 2020, Kevin founded Covenant Royalties and launched and funded the Covenant Royalties V76 mineral and royalty fund. Kevin has a depth of experience in the oil and gas industry, having previously founded Stewardship Resources, a Texas E&P company. While leading Stewardship, Kevin sourced and funded acquisitions throughout Texas with operations ranging from secondary recovery water floods to drilling and developing stacked-pay prospects on the Texas Gulf Coast. Previously, Kevin amassed a breadth of experience serving in various roles to help establish and grow over 100 entrepreneurial ventures beyond oil and gas. He served as Director of Strategic Partnerships for his alma mater, Abilene Christian University. He also served in various government roles, including Executive Director of the Texas Governor’s West Texas Office for Economic Development & Tourism.

A licensed attorney, Kevin graduated magna cum laude from Abilene Christian University with a Bachelor of Arts in in Political Science and minor in Public Service. He earned his J.D. from The University of Texas School of Law where he served as Chief Manuscripts Editor for the Texas Review of Law and Politics. Kevin lives in Keller with his wife and three children.

Dylan Brown

Senior Landman

Dylan’s primary role is to lead business development for Covenant Royalties and the Covenant Royalties V76 fund, where he is essential to the acquisition and divestiture processes and works to build valuable strategic relationships for the firm. Dylan manages acquisition and divestiture negotiation and documentation, along with playing a key role in land and title matters concerning transactions. He also vets and manages incoming deal flow from trusted third-party landmen and brokers. He also assists in asset management for both Contender Energy Partners and the Contender Permian II legacy fund. Dylan has significant minerals, royalties, and leasing acquisition and aggregation experience with emphasis in Texas basins. Prior to Covenant, Dylan worked for a large energy private equity group based in Dallas where he played an important role for their acquisition and divestiture team. His previous experience was as a Landman working for Peak Land Services.

Dylan graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Energy Commerce from Texas Tech University, and he lives in Dallas with his fiancé, Reilly.

Kelsey Titlow

Executive Assistant

Kelsey serves as Executive Assistant to Kevin Christian, who is the Managing Partner for Contender and Contender Permian II, LP. Kevin also serves as Chief Executive Officer for Covenant Royalties and Managing Partner for its associated Covenant Royalties V76, LP mineral and royalty fund. Kelsey manages office executive support and administrative needs for the firm’s related companies and funds under management.

Kelsey has proven herself to be instrumental to the internal processes and operations of Covenant Royalties and the management team’s related firms and affiliates. She is responsible for team coordination, branding and marketing, direct mail campaign, bookkeeping, and is instrumental to the entire team in document management, organization, scheduling, and professional support. Prior to this post with Covenant and Contender, Kelsey held a number of different roles including Office Assistant, Administrative Assistant, and Office Manager within the oil and gas industry, including serving in a strategic administrative role for a private equity-backed operating company with assets in the Permian Basin.

Kelsey attended the University of North Texas and graduated from the American InterContinental University in London, England. She grew up in East Texas and currently lives in Dallas with her Golden Retriever puppy, appropriately named Dallas.